Extra Complete Care Packages

Fleas-Be-Gone ~ $40 Chose 1 or both
Deep Cleansing ~ $25 ~ Removes evidence of fleas and soothes the flea bites
Flea & Tick Dip ~ $15 ~ Kills fleas & ticks for 28 days

Bye, Bye Hair ~ $25
~ Its is a 5-step process with lots of blowing & brushing to remove all the undercoat that is possible. (This process may take hours depending on severity).

Skintastic ~ $25
~ A combination of seven products to help any & all skin conditions

Brighten My Color Spa Package ~ $25
~Combination of brightening to soften & shine hair

De-Odorize Your Dog ~ $40 (chose 1 or both)
Deep Cleansing ~ $20 ~ Removes undesirable odors:
         • Tobacco odors
         • Country odors
Skunk & Odor Removal ~ $40 ~ Removes tough skunk odor

Aches & Pains Therapy ~ $25
~Relieves minor aches, swelling, and pain in injured or elderly dogs

Seasonal Package ~ $20
~ Seasonal fragrance combines with other products that soften & shine

Dental Choices

Pearly Whites Dental Care ~ $20 ~ Chose 1 or both
Plaq Clnz ~ $15 ~ Water pik treatment with gel & spray
Teeth Brushing ~ $7.50
Did you know that regular bathing and grooming for your pets lead to healthier skin and coat?
• Watch for fleas/ticks and other parasites
• Tumors or allergies
• Traps moisture and causes mats
• Reduces amount of hair and shedding
• Prevents hot spots, skin and ear infections
• Saves you valuable time in your busy schedule

Dog grooming isn’t just about looks: it’s critical to your dog’s well-being. That’s why we are passionate about providing all dogs the regular care and maintenance that they need to stay healthy and happy.

We use ALL-Natural shampoos

We strive to provide the best for your loved ones through patience and compassion.

While they are here they are treated like ours

The safety, security and comfort of your dogs and our customers are always our priority

We are constantly educating ourselves to improve and learn all we can to help customers

We answer the phones 7 days a week including holidays and after hours.
Grooming and boarding Rules
• WE potty all dogs every 2 hours.
• We give medications on the prescribed schedule and at no extra charge
• We feed food and treats from home and on your schedule. We try to keep their routine as normal as possible during their stay.
• We supply all bedding and bowls because I require these items to be changed daily.
• We bathe/groom on the day the dog is to go home so that when you arrive you are getting a fresh clean smelling pet to take home.

We sell dog collars, leashes, toys, treats, and other dog related products
Proudly owned and operated by Crystal Horton, who works hard daily to continue
to improve the successful business she has today through experienced and reliable service!