Frequently Asked Questions


• When is it best to have my puppy groomed for the first time? We like to see puppies as early as 8 weeks of age. It is never too early to get your dog accustomed to grooming.

• Do you accept walk-ins? No, we have drop off times that will vary day to day based on what is already booked. Call us to see what is available. Usually we can get you in within a day or two unless it is peak season.

• Is there a time that my dog is too old to come in? No, we will bathe or groom at any age. We just ask that you understand that the haircut they had when they were younger might not be as feasible once they are older. We will do the best we can without causing pain or trauma to the dog. The health and safety of the dog is our top priority.

• What is the recommended time between appointments?

          For long hair or shedding dogs, we recommend every 4-6 weeks.

          For short hair dogs we recommend every 6-8 weeks.

• How long does grooming take? We usually say 3-5 hours but it can vary depending the number of dogs we have and the condition of those dogs. We ask that you give us the time needed to complete the dogs and know that we call you as soon as your dog is done. We know it’s as hard for you to be away from your dogs as it is for us to be away from our dogs.

• Can I drop off and pick up later? Yes, if they are picked up by closing time. If they are a problem and unable to be taken out to go potty we ask that you come and get them when you are called.

• Can I stay with my pet during the bathing and grooming process? Normally no, the dogs are usually more agreeable to following our commands when they know the owner is gone. When owners are here the dogs just want their owners to cuddle them. We do make special exceptions to this rule for any service dogs!

• What determines the cost? I can give you a base price on the phone but the price will vary depending on the dog’s needs. If the dog: has fleas, bites, is matted or is otherwise difficult to handle there are added fees.

• My dog is matted but I really don’t want him/her shaved? Why do you tell me that he/she must be shaved instead of being brushed out? If it is matted enough that I say they need to be shaved then it is because it would not be humane to comb them out. I love to give owners what they want and hate to have to strip a dog (unless asked to) but there are cases when it is just best for the safety of the dog. When you started combing on a badly matted dog you risk tearing of the skin, trauma, stress, nicks, along with the dog will not cooperate for future brushing or grooming. Dogs do NOT forget what has been done to them in the past and trying to regain their trust takes time.